Piano Lessons In Courtenay and Comox

I specialize in making lessons fun, by combining music with games, performance, challenges and rewards to help students of all ages learn to love music.

Lessons are available for children age 3 and up.

Ways I Make Practicing Piano Fun

  • Learning Rhythm

    Learning Rhythm

    We playing Music card games to reinforce rhythm concepts.

  • Learning Music

    Learning Music

    A fun game of twister ends with students flipping over the easter egg cut outs to identify treble or bass clef and note names.

  • Learning to be brave

    Learning to Be Brave

    Students ‘perform’ their pieces for friends, family, the family pets, (in person or through online video) and fill in their I AM A STAR page ...

  • Learning to be brave

    Learning to Be Brave

    When their I AM A STAR page is full, they earn a star and decorate it their own special way. This helps ease students into public performance without anxiety.

  • Learning to perform

    Learning to Perform

    Our first ‘recital’ is in February and is SUPER casual to avoid any feelings of nervousness. Parents wake their child early on the day of the recital and show them a video invite from me. I invite them to come to my house, in their pyjamas, play a song, and enjoy a crepe breakfast.

    In June, I have a formal recital on a gorgeous piano at the Stan Hagen theatre at the college.

Annual Water Balloon Celebration

  • Water balloon celebration
  • Water balloon celebration
  • Water balloon celebration
  • Water balloon celebration

Fun Incentives and Rewards

Practicing can be a challenge! I get it. In an effort to make things a little easier at home, I have some proven, and hilarious, practice incentives.

It’s amazing that my students will work hard all week just to earn one candy. But… it’s the world’s sourest candy EVER. I hype it all up, I use a little reverse psychology and tell them there is no way they can eat this candy. They go crazy for it. My students crack me up.

In the late fall, students will practice a certain number of minutes/days to earn hot chocolate and marshmallows. After Christmas, students keep track of minutes practiced to earn ‘music money’ to buy things from my ‘store’.

Water Balloon Celebration

But by far, the most popular practice incentive is the WATER BALLOONS!!! During April and May, students that practice 5 days a week, earn a water balloon… to throw at me… after the June recital. Apparently, for two months each spring, this is a hot topic around dinner tables. Evil plans are hatched. Pitching arms are stretched and ready to throw. Positions are plotted. Things get down right serious, until the kids realize I have a few balloons of my own. Mwah ha ha haaaaa.

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