My Music Studio

My studio is located in one of the original homes of the Courtenay area. Originally built in 1885, it burned down in 1934. A year later it was rebuilt on the same foundation, but facing the opposite way. You can still see the charred beams in the basement as well as a concrete staircase that goes no where.

I bought the house in 2010 when my home studio became too small for the growing number of students I had. I use the large living room as my teaching space, with its lovely wood stove, original hardwood floors (I have slippers for you to borrow) and wood wainscotting. A portion of the house is rented out, but the studio is a completely separate space.

I have 2 upright grand pianos as well as two high end keyboards in the studio. There are also a multitude of smaller keyboards. Your children will enjoy playing on the variety of options available.

Studio Photos

  • piano studio, courtenay B.C.
  • piano studio, comox B.C.
  • piano studio, comox valley B.C.


The studio is at 701 Dingwall Road in Courtenay, B.C.

You can find it one block from the old Canadian Tire store, off Headquarters Rd.

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